JBT commander 15i

Clean & responsive

JBT/FMC Aircraft Loader for Aircraft main and lower deck container loading. Available in standard, wide and universal (wide & high) configurations. 15,500lb lift capacity


JBT commander 30i

Easy to use

JBT/FMC Main Deck Loader with the capability of servicing both the lower and main decks of wide body aircraft as well as main decks of narrow body aircraft, 30,000lbs capacity.


Tug GT 110


The GT-110 is the largest tractor available and it is the ideal tractor to handle pushback and towing requirements for all wide-body aircraft (except A380). Utilizing the newest manufacturing technology, and a wealth of tractor building experience, the GT-110 provides our customers with reliability and guarantees satisfaction.


Tug MR Tow Tractor

The low profile of this tow tractor ensures greater visibility in all directions for safe operation. MR-10 provides drawbar pull of 10,000 pounds (4,536 kg) and is powered by either a Deutz Tier II engine, a Kubota Tier III engine, or Deutz Tier 4i engine. Other features include four-wheel suspension and disc brakes, power steering and uni-body frame construction.


Tug pushback tractor

This versatile tractor will easily handle the pushback and towing requirements for all narrow-body aircraft. The Hydrostatic Steering System, combined with excellent visibility, makes the GT-35 the tractor of choice for those needing a highly maneuverable, compact and powerful tractor.


TUG GPU 28V Magnum

The TUG GP28M ground power unit is a diesel-powered generator that provides constant 28.5 VDC, 500 A continuous and 2000 A peak.



Our mission is to fulfill our commitment with all our clients by constantly supplying them with superior quality products that are top-of-the-line and with a guarantee to meet their strict specifications.

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Sales - New & Used

As part of our worldwide distribution service, we handle parts from America's finest ground support equipment...

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Rentals - New & Used

This division, which is based close to YYZ, CA, handles the rental of ground support equipment to the aviation...

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Overhaul Services

We refurbish equipment to "like new" condition, often stripping units down to the frame and re-assembling them...


Whether you're looking to rent or purchase an FMC loader, airplane tug, or aircraft pushback tractor, we have the machinery you need to get the job done safely and efficiently.



GTA Aviation Ground Equipment Specialties has been in the aviation distributorship business for over 10 years, serving clients around the world. We have created a strong business relationship with JTB wherein we are their designated exclusive distributor in North America. We carry all kinds of brand new, refurbished and rentals of aviation ground equipment. We can efficiently provide support equipment for aircrafts ranging from loaders, dollies and pushback tractors, and other air start and ground power units.

Our mission is to fulfill our commitment with all our clients by constantly supplying them with superior quality products that are top-of-the-line and with a guarantee to meet their strict specifications. No matter what your aircraft or ground cargo handling needs are, we at GTA can supply aviation equipment that are up-to-date and meet the current technical standards.


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